Billing / Payment terms and conditions

Card Payment terms

  1. We only accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro.
  2. We’ll charge your payment card when your order is purchased on our website.
  3. When You use a debit or credit card to make a payment, You need to make sure that You have sufficient funds available. If You don’t and Your bank or credit card provider charges You, You will have to pay any charges.
  4. By registering a payment card to Your Account you are confirming that You are authorised to make payments to Your Account using that payment card. If You register a card that is not in Your name, for example if a family member is making payments to Your Account, You carry sole responsibility for the charges and payments related to their Account.
  5. We can accept Your Card Payment service request at our discretion. If we accept Your request, we’ll let You know and send You a message to confirm this, as well as the details of any Services requested at the same time. This message will form part of these terms and conditions and Your Agreement with us.
  6. Your Card Payment arrangement starts as soon as we accept Your request. You can make Your first Card Payment immediately or at a later date.
  7. Once we’ve confirmed that You can use the Card Payment arrangement, You’ll have 14 days from the date that You make your first purchase via Your Card Payment arrangement to change Your mind and let us know that You don’t want to pay for Services using this method. We’ll then cancel any Services already requested via Card Payment. You will have to pay for any Services used during Your cooling off period. If You’re due a full or partial refund, You’ll receive it no more than 14 days after we receive Your notice to cancel. Once Your cooling off period has expired, any subsequent Services bought via Card Payment will not be eligible for a refund.
  8. You can cancel your Card Payment arrangement at any time by calling us or via email but you will not receive a refund for any unused Services, unless you cancel within the 14 days cooling off period.
  9. It is important to note that You can only use the Card Payment service to pay for recurring Services if You also set up a continuous payment authority. See “Continuous payment authority terms” below for details.
  10. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Card Payment service if we believe that a registered payment card is being fraudulently or unlawfully used.
  11. In the event we receive a chargeback request relating to a Card Payment for Services that You or a third party has fully used, we reserve the right to recover the cost of that Service from Your top up balance where we’re legally entitled to do so.
  12. We will not be liable to You for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of delayed or incorrect Service payment.

Hire, Continuous payment authority terms

  1. These terms apply when You set up a Hire continuous payment authority to pay for Goods or Services. This means that You have set up a Card Payment arrangement to pay for recurring Goods or Services, such as Rental or Hires, using a credit or debit card.
  2. You can only set up a continuous payment authority to pay for Goods or Services directly using a credit or debit card if You have already entered into a Card Payment arrangement, see “Card Payment Terms” above for details. When You pay for recurring Goods or Services via Card Payment you agree that we can automatically take payment for future recurring Goods or Services from Your registered payment card. You will be able to choose the Goods or Services that You wish to regularly Rent or Hire. For example, if You choose a £19.99 per week, payments of £19.99 will be taken from your payment card every week.
  3. When You set up a continuous payment authority and make a purchase of recurring Goods or Services, we will tell You how much and how often You will pay. If You don’t make a recurring purchase at the time that You set up your Card Payment arrangement we will tell you how much and how often You will pay at the time You make Your first payment under Your continuous payment authority. We’ll also let You know every time we take a payment, if a payment fails or when Your continuous payment authority is cancelled or suspended. We’ll keep taking payments from Your nominated credit or debit card until You (or Your card issuer) tell us to stop (which you can do at any time) or until one of the events.
  4. If You want to cancel Your continuous payment authority, You’ll have to let us know by 16.00 4 day’s before we’re due to take Your payment.
  5. If You provide details of Your My Easy Living Mobility Account, or a continuous payment authority to a third party, we will assume that You have given that person access to your Account and permission to request Services on Your behalf.
  6. For a continuous payment authority for recurring Rental or Hires, You should be aware that:
  1. if You decide to change the Goods or Services that You Rent or Hire, we’ll let You know if You need to start paying more and automatically update your continuous payment authority;
  2. if You start a new Rental or Hire of the same type early, we’ll automatically update the timing and amount of subsequent payments under Your continuous payment authority to line up with the recurrence of Your Rental or Hire;
  3. if You decide to buy a Rental or Hire before You’ve used up the allowances in Your current Rental or Hire (“stacking”), we’ll take payment as soon as you have chosen it. However, the payment recurrence date (if applicable) under Your continuous payment authority will line up with Your Rental or Hire activation date. The activation date is the date You start using the inclusive allowances from Your stacked Hire or Rental;
  4. if You decide to stack a pack with a Goods or Service that cannot be paid for via Card Payment, we’ll assume that You wish to suspend Your Card Payment service and, until You tell us otherwise, will continue take payment for Services from Your top up balance; and
  5. if You cancel Your Card Payment service but do not cancel an automatically Rental or Hire, we’ll automatically cancel the next Rental or Hire.
  6. We reserve the right to terminate any continuous payment authority where we believe Your payment card is being used unlawfully or fraudulently.

Motability Eligibility Information

To qualify for Motability you, or a child in your care, must be receiving one of the following benefits:

Your weekly payments are automatically deducted from your benefits every 4 weeks. In most cases, your weekly payments will be less than your normal weekly allowance, so any money that is left will be deposited into your bank the same way it usually would.

How late or missed payments will be handled

Late or missed payments give us the right to immediately cancel any and all agreements we have together. We will on the first instance contact you to discuss how we maybe able to help. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, there are organisations offering free independent advice.

How payment disputes will be handled

Should you find your self disputing a payment please see our “ Complaints Procedure “ this can be found on our website footer.