VAT Exemption

What Is VAT?

VAT stands for Value Added Tax, this is a % fee that is added to all goods and services bought within the EU, including the United Kingdom. For the UK, VAT is charged at 20%.

VAT exemption for disabled people

The government allows people who suffer from a form of disability, long-term illness or who are terminally ill to purchase certain items “VAT Free”. These items are specifically designed or adapted to assist with your disability or long-term illness, such as but not limited to: Mobility Scooters, Stairlifts, Large Handled Cutlery, Grab Rails and Wheelchairs.

Who Qualifies?

Under VAT Law, a person can qualify for VAT exemption if they:

Unfortunately, you won’t qualify for VAT exemption if you are classed as able bodied, regardless of age, or if you are temporarily disabled, i.e. suffering from a broken leg but will fully recover.

For more help on whether you qualify for VAT exemption click here to contact us.

How to get items VAT free

When you place your order, we’ll ask you to make a legally binding declaration about your illness or disability, that we may be required to provide to HMRC. In completing this form, you are declaring that you are claiming VAT relief under Group 12 of Schedule 8 of the Value Added Tax Act 1994. It is an offence to make a false declaration. The information you provide is kept strictly confidential and is used only for our application of VAT relief to the products we supply you with and for the VAT accounting purposes of HMRC.

In order to qualify for VAT exemption you must:

  1. Have a long-term sickness or disability or be buying for someone who does
  2. Be buying the goods for your own personal/domestic use, or be purchasing on behalf of someone
  3. Complete a VAT declaration form (this can be done online or in one of our local stores)

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