We accept your NHS Wheelchair Voucher!


Easy Living Mobility is proud to be a part of the NHS Wheelchair Voucher and Personal Wheelchair budget scheme.

Some NHS services offer a voucher or personal budget scheme so that you can have a greater choice of wheelchair. You will receive a voucher or budget from the NHS to the value of the chair you would have been offered from the NHS after your assessment (which is determined locally in each individual case). You can then use the voucher or budget to enhance what is available from the NHS and put it towards the cost of a chair that you buy privately from Easy Living Mobility, giving you more choice and control over what equipment you receive and ensuring it meets or exceeds your clinical requirements.

Services decide locally whether to have a scheme and how that scheme is applied. You cannot exchange the voucher for cash. The voucher is non-taxable so it does not affect any disability benefits you receive.

For more information regarding NHS Wheelchair Services please contact your closest store or alternatively visit the dedicated page on the NHS Website.